30+ Free Useful Websites You Should Know

1. WeTransfer – Send files from your device to an email. Up to 2GB Storage for free.

  • Firefox Send – Send files encrypted. You can set the file to expire after 5 minutes, 1-100 downloads, 7 days, etc.
  • FotoSwipe – Send files and receive them by a code.

2. Corrupt a file – You can upload a file and the website will corrupt it. So you can’t open it anymore. It will show that there is a problem with this file, so we can not open it. If you need some extra time to finish some work, this website will help you a lot. Your teacher or boss will think that there is a problem with the file and will ask you to send it again.

3. Trello – This is a tool for collaboration will other people. You can create boards and organize cards for a very simplified view of the assignments or progress monitoring on each board. Useful for project teams or students for their school projects.

4. Canva – You can use Canva to create social media graphics, presentations, posters, infographics, cool Instagram stories and more.

5. Unsplash – Find free photos that you can use anywhere. You don’t need to worry about copyright for using them.

6. AlternativeTo – Find alternatives of an Website, App or Software.

7. Ninite – Install or update multipe Softwares at the same time (For Windows).

8. Gifs – Convert Youtube, Vine, Instagram videos to Gif.

9. Supercook – Search for recipes by ingredients.

10. Privnote – Write a note to someone and it will be destroyed after he reads it.

11. Future Me – Write a letter to your future self. You only need to select the date when you want to receive the letter.

12. Coursera – Free Online Courses from Google, Yale University, Stanford University, University of Michigan, etc. There are courses for Computer Science, IT, Math and Logic, Business and more.

  • edX – You can find courses from MIT, Harvard University and others. You can learn about Computer Science, Data Science, Business & Management, Engineering, Humanities and more.
  • Udemy – You can learn programming, marketing, etc.
  • Udacity

13. Khan Academy – Khan Academy can help you a lot if you don’t understand the lessons at your school. It can help you in Math, Physics, Chemistry History and more.

14. Gutenberg – More than free 60,000 eBooks

15. Duolingo – Learn new languages free

16. CamelCamelCamel – Amazon Price Tracker, you can get notifications via email when the price of a product drops.

17. Have I Been Pwned – Learn if your email has been leaked in past hack attacks.

18. VirusTotal – Scan suspicious files for viruses.

19. Keybr – Learn to write faster (For desktop).

20. Dictation – Dictation transcribes your speech to text in real-time.

21. Manuals Library – Find manuals of products.

22. Fast – Chck the speed of your internet connection.

23. Down for Everyone or Just Me – Check if a website is down for everyone or just you.

24. Skyscanner – Search for flights by date, price. You can get alerts via emails if the price drops for a flight.

25. about.me – You can create a page about you where you can add your talents or skills.

26. BoredButton – If you are bored click button on the page and you will learn amazing things.

27. BuiltWith – Want to learn which plugins a website has? Check this site.

28. CopyPasteCharacter – Find Character and Copy them easily.

If you know any other useful website you can post it in comments below.

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