10 Best 70-inch TVs for Gaming 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Our Pick
VIZIO 70-Inch V-Series 4K UHD LED HDR Smart TV with Voice Remote, Apple AirPlay and Chromecast...
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SAMSUNG 70-inch TU-7000 Series Class Smart TV | Crystal UHD - 4K HDR - with Alexa Built-in |...
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LG 75UN7370PUE Alexa Built-In UHD 73 Series 75" 4K Smart UHD TV (2020)
VIZIO 70-Inch V-Series 4K UHD LED HDR Smart TV with Voice Remote, Apple AirPlay and Chromecast...
SAMSUNG 70-inch TU-7000 Series Class Smart TV | Crystal UHD - 4K HDR - with Alexa Built-in |...
LG 75UN7370PUE Alexa Built-In UHD 73 Series 75" 4K Smart UHD TV (2020)
Our Pick
VIZIO 70-Inch V-Series 4K UHD LED HDR Smart TV with Voice Remote, Apple AirPlay and Chromecast...
VIZIO 70-Inch V-Series 4K UHD LED HDR Smart TV with Voice Remote, Apple AirPlay and Chromecast...
Good Choice
SAMSUNG 70-inch TU-7000 Series Class Smart TV | Crystal UHD - 4K HDR - with Alexa Built-in |...
SAMSUNG 70-inch TU-7000 Series Class Smart TV | Crystal UHD - 4K HDR - with Alexa Built-in |...
Also Consider
LG 75UN7370PUE Alexa Built-In UHD 73 Series 75" 4K Smart UHD TV (2020)
LG 75UN7370PUE Alexa Built-In UHD 73 Series 75" 4K Smart UHD TV (2020)

Gaming on a bigger screen is better. This article has some of the best 70-inch TV for gaming. So browse around to find the one for you!

Big really is better in today’s day and age. The best smartphones are bigger than the old ones, and well, a big TV is simply living the dream! You have more display space to view bigger and better pictures. What’s more, a big TV is perfect for playing games. You can have a better view of the game and can react faster compared to a small screen.

With all this sorted out, how big is too big? Only you have the answer to that question. But for starters, if you’re looking for something bigger than a 65-inch, on a tight budget, a 70-inch TV is perfect for an excellent gaming experience. But we know that buying a TV and that too online can be a daunting task. That’s why we compiled some of the best 70-inch TV for you to have a blast on as you game.

70-inch TV for Gaming Top Picks

1. Samsung 70-Inch TU-7000 Series Class Smart TV

Samsung 70-Inch TU-7000 Series Class Smart TV

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When talking about smart TV, how can we forget Samsung right? This 70-inch TV will open your eyes to a new world of colors and wonders. With its 4K resolution, you enjoy four times the resolution of HD! As a result, the images have a higher quality and look closer to reality. This also means that the images you see on this TV are more vivid and crisp than standard HD TVs. Due to this feature, this TV is perfect for your home theater, but what about gaming, you ask?

With its refresh rate at 60Hz, you are not getting anything extraordinary and groundbreaking, but it gets the job done. If you like to game for fun (like me), this is enough. However, a TV with a faster refresh rate like 120Hz will do you better if you’re more of a competitive gamer. What’s more, this entry-level TV still features Samsung’s Tizen app. Tizen consists of a large platform of streaming apps that you can use on your Samsung TV for those who don’t know.

Moreover, these are considered some of the best in the market as not only are they fully stocked, they’re fast as well. In addition to that, this TV exhibits little to no game lag so that you can have an excellent gaming response. Unfortunately, the video input device used is HDMI 2.0, not 2.1. So if you’re looking for a next-generation gaming console, the best it can give you is 60fps in 4K. If this isn’t your style, we suggest going for something else.

  • Auto Game Mode
  • Crystal 4K processor
  • Low input lag
  • Exceptional contrast ratio
  • Limited to 60fps
  • Low HDR brightness


All in all, the Samsung TU-7000 is an excellent 70-inch TV for gamers. Although the refresh rate is only at 60fps, it is delivered in 4K. Moreover, the input lag is slight to none so that you can have faster responses while you game. Additionally, the TV has an auto-game mode, so you won’t have to turn the game mode manually.

2. Vizio PX75-GI P-Series Smart TV

Vizio PX75-GI P-Series Smart TV

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The Vizio PX75-GI delivers you 140% more color and contrast than a standard 4K TV. This is due to the QLED feature. I know QLEDs aren’t exactly something you go for in a world with OLEDs. But this smart TV gives you the high contrast that an OLED would because of its local dimming zones. Because it dims out the areas that need to be darker and lights up those that need to be bright, you get high contrast and exceptionally clear image with a QLED.

In addition to that, this 4K smart TV has a refresh rate of 240Hz! You’re a gamer, so you already know that’s AMAZING!!! But for those new to the gaming world (welcome), this is an excellent feature for gaming. The faster your screen refreshes, the better the gaming experience. Because a faster refresh rate increases the motion quality, you’ll have a faster response during your games. Becoming an ace will be a breeze on this TV.

What’s more, it connects with other devices without a hassle. You can connect this TV with your Apple Airplay or Homekit so you can ask Siri to do your bidding. Furthermore, you can even form wireless or wired connections with this TV using HDMI or USB cords. With all that being said, the aesthetic appeal is something to behold as well. It’s sleek and has a gorgeous metallic finish. It can be mounted but if you don’t want it up on a wall, get a spacious TV stand or table for stability.

  • 4K ultra HDR
  • Compatible with Apple Airplay and Homekit
  • 240Hz refresh rate
  • Local dimming technology
  • Slow TV software


To put it short, this smart TV is excellent for gaming with its exceptional 240Hz refresh rate. What’s more, the local dining technology ensures that you get to experience the depth and contrast you signed up for with this 4K QLED TV. Moreover, you can connect this TV with your Apple Airplay and Homekit without hassle. Although it’s a bit bigger than what you signed up for, it’s worth it.

3. LG 70UN7070PUA UHD 70 Series 70″ 4K Smart LED TV (2020)

LG 70UN7070PUA UHD 70 Series 70" 4K Smart LED TV

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Another renowned brand makes to the list for the “Best 70-inch TV for gaming.” This LG TV will make your viewing experience fantabulous with its 4K resolution. I mean, at this point, is there anything that isn’t 4K? But that’s not all. The HDR adjusts the extra pixels you got, thanks to the 4K technology. Thus, making every scene on screen more vivid and dynamic. This increases your viewing experience by a landslide.

What’s more, the webOS offers you a stress-free streaming ability to stream your favorite apps like Disney Plus, Netflix, Hulu, and many more. You don’t even have to worry about connecting it with your Apple Airplay 2 and Apple Homekit as they’re built-in. Furthermore, the LG UHD (UN7070) TV offers a wider viewing range so you and your homies can enjoy your games better.

The input lag is low on this one, and the refresh rate is at 60Hz. But for you to achieve all this, you have to activate the Game Mode. In addition to that, this TV also has an auto-low latency mode. This means that if this is turned on, your TV will automatically turn the game mode on as soon as you start gaming. The design is sleek and modern as well. Thus, this TV will blend in with your modern decor seamlessly, whether you choose to mount it on the wall or stand it on a table.

  • Low input lag
  • Active HDR
  • Compatible with Apple Airplay 2 and Homekit
  • Multiple viewing angles
  • Low brightness


Simply said, this TV will amp up your gaming experience with its fantastic display. The LG UN7070 TV has an amazingly low latency rate, and it slips into game mode automatically. This only happens if you have the auto low latency mode turned on. The depth of blacks mightn’t be as sharp as others, but it’s a good TV for gaming overall.

4. SAMSUNG 70-Inch Class QLED Q60A Series (2021)

SAMSUNG 70-Inch Class QLED Q60A Series

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Samsung makes to the list of “Best 70-inch TVs for Gaming” again and not without reason. This TV comes in many sizes, so if you happen to change your mind and want to go for something smaller or bigger, you can with this one. Also, you can even buy extras with this TV on Amazon. For example, you want to mount your TV on the wall but don’t have a wall mount? Buy it with a TV. Or maybe you want to get a soundbar to install with the TV. Well, go ahead and buy it with the TV on Amazon.

This TV is equipped with QLEDs as well, so you’re sure to get bright, vivid colors with exceptional contrast. Furthermore, the sleek and slim design will be the perfect partner for any space regardless of the aesthetic you’re going for. In addition to that, it has Alexa built into it to give you the whole “smart TV” feel. At this point, you must be like, “okay, but what does it have to do with gaming?”

Well, this TV not only serves visuals but is fantastic for games as well. With the auto game mode, you slip right into game mode without having to go and change the settings manually. It also has a low input lag, so you get better and quicker responses as you play. One thing you need to take note of is that this TV isn’t plug-n-play. On arrival, all the settings are neutral, so you’ll have to adjust them according to your requirements.

  • Auto Game Mode
  • Low input lag
  • Ultra-Wide Gameview
  • 4K Display (adjusts to lower)
  • 4K might be dim


All in all, Samsung doesn’t disappoint when it comes to a smart TV. With its built-in Alexa, this TV can easily become the center of your smart home. What’s more, you won’t even have to go and change the setting to Game Mode as this TV automatically does it for you. The low input lag paired with the wide game view just keeps increasing your gaming experience.

5. LG 70UN7370PUC UHD 73 Series 70″ 4K Smart UHD TV (2020)

LG 70UN7370PUC UHD 73 Series 70" 4K Smart UHD TV

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The LG UHD 73 comes in two sizes: 70-inches and 75-inches. What’s more, this deal offers you the option to buy it solely or with a soundbar. But that’s not why this is one of the best 70-inch TVs for gaming. This TV mightn’t have the best contrast and depth, but its reflection handling and low input lag make up for any flaws. In addition, the active HDR gives any scene you’re viewing, better color making it more vivid and enjoyable to watch.

In addition to that, like its predecessor, you can connect this TV with your Apple Airplay and Homekit. The webOS of LG also allows for a wide range of apps to be compatible with this TV. Moreover, the sound effects are excellent for you if you’re into shooting games that require you to be vigilant and aware of your surroundings.

Moreover, this smart TV comes with an auto-low latency mode. This means that your TV will slip right into Game Mode as soon as you start playing a game that is compatible with your LG TV. All without you having to do it yourself. It does have a refresh rate of 60Hz. So if you’re a competitive gamer, it mightn’t be the one for you. As for people who game for fun, this TV does the job perfectly.

  • Exceptional reflection handling
  • Active HDR
  • Low input lag
  • Auto low latency mode
  • Compatible with Apple Airplay and Homekit
  • Might arrive damaged
  • Low contrast ratio


To put it in short, this TV is perfect for gamers that aren’t that competitive. This is because it has a refresh rate of 60Hz. In addition to that, the LG UHD 73 has a low input lag and an active HDR that makes up for it. What’s more, it has an auto low latency mode, so you don’t have to keep switching your settings to Game Mode and then back to normal. It does all this for you, so you have a better gaming experience and enjoy the moment.

6. SAMSUNG UN70TU7000FXZA 70 Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2020)

SAMSUNG UN70TU7000FXZA 70 Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

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This Samsung smart TV is an excellent all-rounder 70-inch TV for an enhanced gaming experience. The ultra-fast processors make everything you view on its screen seem life-like and natural. Those jump scares will literally make you jump with this TV. What’s more, this TV comes with a whole year’s warranty! So you know you’re getting the good stuff with this one. Not like we doubted it, to begin with. I mean, it’s Samsung we’re talking about.

Some TVs mentioned above didn’t let you enjoy the darkness of black. Well, you’re about to experience those depths with this TV. Due to the high contrast ratio and black uniformity, you see a black like never seen before. Thus, making this TV perfect for those games you enjoy playing in the dark. But that’s not all. As a gamer, you’ll love the response rate and its low input lag. You’ll be achieving new ranks like a pro on this TV.

Moreover, the setup is effortless, and you should be able to tackle it easily. The reflection handling on this TV is pretty decent as well. Hence you don’t need to shy away from placing it in your living room that gets most of the light. Like most of the TVs mentioned above, this TV also has an auto game mode. You know what that means, right? Smooth transition into a game mode when you’re gaming and back to standard settings when you’re not.



  • Superior contacts ratio
  • Excellent reflection handling
  • Auto game mode
  • No local dimming


In short, this smart TV is one of the best 70-inch TVs for gaming. It has an excellent contrast ratio and reflection handling. This takes viewing anything on it to the next level. Moreover, the low input lag paired with a high response rate increases the overall gaming experience. What’s more, the auto game mode makes it so you can enjoy the moment. As you don’t have to worry about switching settings every time you want to play games.

7. VIZIO 70-inch V-Series – 4K UHD LED HDR Smart TV

VIZIO 70-inch V-Series

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This smart TV gives you superior image quality, displaying everything in 4K due to its ultra-fast processors. Moreover, the active pixel tuning feature automatically adjusts the brightness of the pixels according to the image. This is, so you have a better image contrast and accuracy, and you get a better viewing experience.

In addition to that, this TV will automatically switch over to game mode as soon as you plug in your PlayStation or Xbox. This auto game mode feature paired with the low input lag increases the overall gaming experience by two folds. What’s more, you can even use Alexa, Apple Homekit, Google Home to enjoy the smart home experience to the fullest.

Moreover, the refresh rate is only 60Hz, but with a 4K, it sure is enough to make your games pop. What’s more, this smart TV even connects with HDMI 2.1. This means that you can connect your new generation gaming consoles with this TV. However, a few things to keep in mind, it’s not Bluetooth compatible and falls 0.5-inches short of 70-inches.

  • HDMI 2.1 compatible
  • Low input rate
  • Ultra-fast processor
  • Auto game mode
  • No Bluetooth connectivity


In short, if you want to buy a 70-inch TV for gaming, this will do you justice. This smart TV is easily compatible with any AI assistant and gives you high-quality images. What’s more, the low input lag and auto game mode make gaming more enjoyable. It’s half an inch smaller than 70-inches, but it makes up for that in its quality.

Buyer’s Guide to the Best 70-inch TV for Gaming

10 Best 70-inch TVs for Gaming 2021 - Reviews & Buying Guide
img source: theweddingvowsg.com

Buying a TV online is committing yourself to a major life decision, especially for gaming. That being the case, you can’t just buy a TV for gaming just like that. Before you “add to cart” and “check out” your gaming TV, there are some things you should consider. This is so you end up with a TV that ticks off all the boxes in your “Must have in a TV for gaming” checklist. Somethings you should consider are:

Game Mode Option

Game mode ensures a smooth and fast responding gaming experience. This is because once you turn on the gaming mode, the image quality drops a little. This feature is necessary because most smart TVs are high definition and offer you pristine picture quality. But there’s no point in your characters looking flawless in HD when they aren’t responding to your commands instantly.

So by reducing the image quality by a little, the lag sufficiently decreases as it takes less time to process the image. Almost all smart TVs have game mode, as most console games are made to be played on TVs. Nonetheless, make sure that the TV you purchase has game mode just to be on the safe side. Game Mode is the feature that makes all the difference between a good or lousy gaming experience on your television.

Display Type

OLEDs are becoming more accessible when it comes to displaying media. But LCDs and LEDs still haven’t lost their touch. OLEDs are individually lit LEDs and thus can provide “true black” as they can simply switch their light off. They also offer a higher contrast with a better viewing angle. With all this being said, they aren’t the go-to display type that most gamers go for.

This is because screens with OLEDs are more susceptible to burn-in, causing a ghost image. This can be very annoying as you’re trying to play your game, as these cluttering images can cause confusion. But, this doesn’t mean that they’re a horrible choice for gamers. On the contrary, OLEDs are ideal if you’re into action games due to their fast transitions from one frame to the other. On the other hand, LCDs have a relatively lower lag and give you a better image even in a brightly lit room.


10 Best 70-inch TVs for Gaming 2021 - Reviews & Buying Guide
img source: rollingstone.com

We all know that the tech world is one big market that reels in buyers over just one new feature. This is why future-proofing is important. Don’t just jump in to buy the new best thing. Make sure what you’re getting is practical as well as sustainable. This is so you don’t have to go and buy a new TV every year. The gaming TV you get now should have the features you need and more for future use.

Low Lag

Latency or lag is one of the most essential features you should look for in your smart TV. Lag is the amount of time your TV takes to display an image. So you know that if your TV takes longer, your gaming experience will be bust as your response rate will take a hit. Latency has nothing to do with size but more so with the refresh rate.

Most TVs have a latency of 60ms which is pretty high for gaming. If you want to have a superior gaming experience, we’d suggest going for something with a latency of 30ms or less. Don’t brush this feature off, and make sure you get the TV with the best latency. This is because there’s no point in having a high-definition TV that keeps lagging.

Refresh Rate

You might think this can’t be THAT important for gaming, right? Well, actually it is THAT important that’s why we suggest you look into it. Refresh rate refers to how in a second, your display can draw an image. The lower the refresh rate, the more time it’ll take. This results in lag which in turn results in an awful gaming experience. The refresh rate is measured in Hertz (Hz), and most gamers prefer 120Hz. Nonetheless, the standard 60fps (frame per second) should get the job done for you. But if you’re someone who takes gaming very seriously, then 120Hz is the way to go. Especially if you’re already used to it.


Everything in this world comes at a price. Whenever you’re buying something, make sure that it’s well within your budget. You can get good quality gaming TVs for as low as $600. But at these rates, you might have to compromise some features. Some TVs even go as high as $1000+. For gaming TVs like that, make sure that they’re future-proof so you won’t have to spend the same amount on “the new best thing” next year.

In Conclusion

Imagine a nice afternoon of playing your favorite game. What could be better, am I right? Well, imagine it with a 70-inch screen! Now that’s a dream come true. Talking about dreams coming true, make this dream a reality by buying any of the 70-inch TVs mentioned in this article. All of these are high-quality and will make your gaming experience even better than it is right now.

SAMSUNG UN70TU7000FXZA 70 Inch has a superior contrast ratio and reflection handling. In addition, the low input lag with its high response rate makes gaming less frustrating and more enjoyable.

LG 70UN7070PUA “Works With” Alexa UHD 70 might not have the darkest black, but the low latency mode slips your TV into Game Mode directly. Due to this, you can focus more on your game and less on changing settings.

VIZIO 70-inch V-Series – 4K UHD LED HDR Smart TV has ultra-fast processors and active pixels that give you better picture quality. It’s also compatible with HDMI 2.1, so you can connect your new-gen gaming console to this TV as well.

To put it in short, these three are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the best 70-inch TVs for gaming. These smart TVs enhance your gaming experience by quite a margin due to their low input lag and auto game mode. Additionally, they also offer you outstanding audio and visual quality and are compatible with your AI assistants. So you can get a full smart TV experience.

Check out these 70 inch TV for gaming from Amazon also:

Samsung BE70T-H 4K 70-Inch PRO TV W/ TV Tuner and Speakers (Renewed)
  • Crystal Ultra High Definition: 70-Inch display features a super crisp and clear picture that is 4X more powerful than the resolution of full HD....
  • Crystal Processor 4K: See colors the way they were intended. With an ultra-fast Crystal 4K processor, content is shown in brilliant 4K no matter the...
  • HDR (High Dynamic Range): Your customers want to know exactly how it looks. With Samsung’s Pro TV with high dynamic range, you can showcase every...
  • Extended 16/7 operating time: Day in and day out, you can depend on your TV to play what you want, when you want it.
  • Intuitive, mobile-friendly Pro TV app (iOS and Android): With the Samsung Pro TV app on your phone or tablet, create dynamic content on your time....
SAMSUNG UN70TU7000 70 inches 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2020 Model) (Renewed)
  • CRYSTAL PROCESSOR 4K: This ultra-fast processor transforms everything you watch into stunning 4K.
  • SMART TV POWERED BY TIZEN : Go beyond Smart TV with next-gen apps, super easy control, and a host of enhancements that elevate the TV watching...
  • HDR: Unveils shades of color you can't find on HDTV.
  • CRYSTAL DISPLAY: Experience crystal clear colors that are fine-tuned to deliver a naturally crisp and vivid picture.
  • UNIVERSAL GUIDE: One simple on-screen guide organizes your streaming and live TV content, while also making recommendations.
VIZIO 65 Inch 4K Smart TV, M-Series Quantum UHD LED HDR Television with Apple AirPlay and Chromecast...
  • Quantum Color Combined with a powerful Active Full Array backlight, VIZIO’s next-generation Quantum Color delivers cinematic color volume with over...
  • UltraBright 800 UltraBright 800 delivers bright, detailed highlights at up to 800 nits of brightness, more accurately reproducing the nuances in every...
  • Active Full Array with 90 Local Dimming Zones VIZIO’s powerful Active Full Array backlight intelligently adjusts the backlight to match what’s on...
  • Dolby Vision HDR Dolby Vision Transforms your TV experience with dramatic imaging – incredible brightness, contrast, and color that bring...
  • 4K Ultra HD With over 8 million pixels — 4 times the resolution of 1080p — enjoy every scene in breathtaking detail.
Sharp 4T-B70CT1U 70 Inch AQUOS Board 4K-Ultra High Definition LCD Display
  • 70" Class (69-1/2” diagonal) Screen Size
  • 20-Point Multi-Touch Screen
  • 3-Year Limited Warranty
  • 4,000:1 contrast ratio
  • Brilliant 4K-Ultra High Definition (3840 x 2160) LCD Display
VIZIO E701i-A3 70-inch 1080p Razor LED Smart HDTV (2013 Model)
  • VIZIO Internet Apps Instantly enjoy online movies, TV shows, music, apps and more
  • Razor LED for richer colors and more vivid details in an ultra thin design
  • TV without stand (Width x Height x Depth): 62.56'' x 36.49'' x 2.35'' , TV with stand (Width x Height x Depth): 62.56'' x 38.41'' x 12.56''
  • Smart remote with QWERTY keyboard
  • Built-in Wi-Fi for easy internet access

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