Best Electric Skateboard Backpacks in 2020

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Often you don’t want to hold your electric skateboard long distances by hand, which can be made much simpler with a skateboard backpack. You also have the flexibility to carry your skateboard to work on a rainy morning with a board backpack, and still ride it home when if it’s sunnier in the evening.

For electric skateboard, there are many backpacks that can carry a 15 lb+ longboard. Here you will find the Best Electric Skateboard Backpacks.

Best Electric Skateboard Backpacks

1. Hubro Designs Boosted Board Backpack

Best Electric Skateboard Backpacks in 2020

The Hubro Backpack fits with boosted boards. It is primarily designed for boosted boards, but it also fits for other boards with a pintail. A 13″ laptop sleeve is included in the main compartment. On the backpack you can see an extra pocket for phones, keys, wallets, controllers or other small objects, with a lightweight microfiber lining.

The Hubro Backpack has a padded lower loading compartment that is independent of the main compartment and allows easy entry. It is also available for water bottling or other smaller products with two mesh side pockets.

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2. GoRide Electric Skateboard Backpack

Best Electric Skateboard Backpacks in 2020

The GoRide Tech backpack It is designed especially for transporting electric skateboards. You can mount the board on the fron of backpack. This method makes it easy to add the board to the backpack, but does not give an accurate distribution of weight. If you’re carrying your heavy eboard for a long time your back and shoulders will likely be hurt.

Up to 19.5 lbs can be carried in the backpack. The laptop room is covered and it has two bottle holders.

GoRide improves a convenient and quick way to travel. The padded velcro middle slack ideally prevents it from fallen out. It provides the shield for your skateboard.

No matter what board you have, all fit well for the skateboard. In fact, there are plenty of compartments to fill in to make the ride comfortable.

3. RVCA Voyage Skate Backpack

Best Electric Skateboard Backpacks in 2020

This is very comfortable and flexible to travelers with its 14-inch shoulder drop. This is suitable for all sorts of trips. RVCA is winning the hearts of its customers thanks to the sleek appearance and exclusive features provided by a kit weighing 1,77 pounds and measuring 21,5 X 15,2 X 3,8 inches.

The backpack is made up of five compartments. The central one, the top load entrance, and the steep side compartment are all well placed to have sufficient room for essential transport.

Because of its durable 600 manufacturing together with a hard abrasion resistant base panel, the backpack is made for streets and shows its competence to take whatever load you want.

In reality, keeping a water bottle is a valuable commodity for your skateboard journey. It is well achieved by RCVA with two bags, a compression band on the basis, and RVCA woven mark on the water bottle side.

4. Eastsport Skater Backpack

Best Electric Skateboard Backpacks in 2020

The quality of genuine polyester is never compromised for their electric skateboard backpacks. For spacious inner compartments, one may consider storing their laptop and other necessities to reduce the hassle of a separate bag for each accessory.

The 1.7 pounds skateboard backpack from Eastsport comes in a range of colors including royal blue, red , green, brown , white, aqua and navy. A selection of colors means that each young person can select his or her backpack according to their preferences.

5. Dakine Mission Backpack

Best Electric Skateboard Backpacks in 2020

The Dakine Mission 25L is an impressive backpack with a vertical board carry system. Dakine offers various designs to make your bag look unique. The Dakine Mission 25L has a built-in laptop compartment and water bottle holder.


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