Best Gravel Bikes Under $1500 in 2021

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Gravel bikes are designed to handle everything from forest trails to roads, gravel, and even mild single paths. They are more capable of biking than mountain bikes. Although the concept of these dirt-focused models is still up for discussion, they share a few key design features, including a more upright seating position for improved comfort over long distances, high-volume tires that help smooth out rugged roads, and several mounting points for extra water and gear.

What Is a Gravel Bike?

Gravel bikes, also called adventure bikes, are mainly road bikes able to operate with different surfaces, hold additional gear, and ideal for routes with less traveled conditions during the day. They have a longer and more robust range of gear and space for a much larger effect on the speed than a standardized road bike.

Gravel bikes are built with longer wheelbases, which means they are stable on the road and when traveling on an uneven surface like gravel, providing comfort over long distances. The geometry is more casual than a road bike, the slacker head angle, and the sometimes higher head tube.

What Is It Used For?

The durability of gravel bikes makes them an ideal alternative for cycling. These are ideal for all but the quickest routes, while the wider tires and wider equipment are able to navigate highways, gravel paths, and fire pools. They are sturdy, comfortable, and can sometimes bear a luggage that makes them suitable for simple tours or long and fast journeys.

Best Gravel Bikes Under $1500

1. Royce Union Men’s’ Gravel Bike

The Best Gravel Bike Under $1500

Best Gravel Bikes Under $1500 in 2021

In every field, Royce Union is equipped with comfort features, regardless of the conditions. Its aluminum framework coupled with the 16-speed gear selection from Shimano Claris can help with minimum efforts on uphill tracks.

The Mechanical Disc brakes increase the amount of stopping power in any environment without losing efficiency and function wonderfully for downhill adventures.

In every field, Royce Union is equipped with comfort features, regardless of the conditions. Its aluminum framework coupled with the 16-speed gear selection from Shimano Claris can help with minimum efforts on uphill tracks.

The Mechanical Disc brakes increase the amount of stopping power in any environment without losing efficiency and function wonderfully for downhill adventures.

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It offers more flexibility and unrivaled riding performance with its three-piece alloy crank and a stiff steel fork. The aluminum frame offers a higher value with less maintenance. This incredible feature includes this motorcycle in the top ranking of 2021 gravel bike

2. Tommaso Siena Shimano Gravel Bike

Best Gravel Bikes Under $1500 in 2021

Tommaso Siena Shimano has been designed to provide easy and safe riding with improved tubing and frame designs than ever before. It offers maximum durability with its lightweight aluminum frame and steel fork.

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With a 30/39/50 T Claris crankset with 12×28 T Tourney Cassette, Tommaso is a great match for all riders’ levels in all conditions on both paved and unpaved routes, from flat to hill. They are fitted with 700 * 40 cc TC-20D pipes that provide stability in all fields.

The Shimano train provides a large variety of gears, regardless of where you are traveling. Avid bb5-powered disk braking improves power stopping in any weather conditions and terrain.

This bike built around a lightweight frame handlebar offers optimum comfort and reliability to make the most of any journey, regardless of its 10 or 100 miles.

3. Schwinn Vantage Gravel Adventure Bike

Best Gravel Bikes Under $1500 in 2021

For this bike model there are 4 sizes available to suit most cyclists. It has a large aluminum frame that contributes significantly to its overall strength and esthetics.

With the Smooth Ride Technology of Schwinn Bikes also known as SRT, the Schwinn Vantage bikes give your riding maximum comfort.

Softail suspensions reduces any unwanted movement while riding and provides an overall safer riding experience. The ergonomic TransX Ergo handlebar gives a convenient hand position in terms of wrists, particularly if you are riding longer distances.

There are 18 speeds to choose from for the Schwinn Vantage gravel bikes. FSA Vero Compact crank allows smooth shifting regardless of road conditions you encounter.

Hydraulic brakes are available, but in case of inadequate protection, another feature will be available: the flat protective safety breaker.

This is one of the bicycle models that is popular because of it’s impressive look and style.

4. Mongoose Elroy Adventure Bike

Best Gravel Bikes Under $1500 in 2021

The Mongoose Elroy Adventure bicycle is both compact and easy to ride and provides a comfortable ride on different terrains. You can trust this bicycle for everyday use or weekend mountain bike rides.

Mongoose Bike Company has fitted the bicycle with all the features to ensure protection and comfort. Firstly, the steel alloy is highly durable and can resist frequent use. In addition, this makes the steel fork even more stable during off-road riding adventures.

The Shimano Tourney derailleurs for fast gear switch help its 14 drivetrain speeds. You can brake with lightning speed using this mechanical brake.

5. Tommaso Illimitate Gravel Bike

Best Gravel Bikes Under $1500 in 2021

The Tommaso TOMMASO ILLIMITATE is an amazing gravel bike. It’s designed to provide powerful efficiency and speed to cyclists at all stages.

Like every other Tommaso bikes, the ILLIMATE is designed with a lightweight aluminum frame paired with a high-modulus carbon fiber fork to maximize comfort and minimize vibration. Moreover, the ILLIMATE falls within the higher price range, making it a perfect option for those who may want to spend more on a gravel bike.

Thanks to its big 32c tires plus its 28 spoke rim it is able to navigate various terrain. It also has Tektro Lyra disc brakes, which give you the extra stopping power you need in all weather conditions. The geometry also increases your usability and productivity to ensure that you can manage any distance. It is built for absolute control; regardless of the weather conditions, you can ride it on any terrain.

This is the best gravel bike under $1500 in our list.

6. Diamondback Bicycles Gravel Bike

Best Gravel Bikes Under $1500 in 2021

If you want a comfortable, good looking bike, you have to try Diamondback Haanjenn 1 Gravel Adventure Gravel Bike; it will complete all your requirements. Where and how you want to run is part of a road bike and part of a mountain bike. It’ll be your adventure along the lane. It offers you more comfort than a traditional road bike. It has wide 700 * 38c tires, which will allow you to travel when the road is a bit rough.

It has a Shimano acre M3000, 9 momentum shifter. This bike is fantastic at speed chain: 14 g stainless steel bike spokes, 28h, double-wall bike rims, diamondback method. You don’t have to worry about the tough conditions because it has a Mechanical disk, W/ 160 mm rotor/140 mm Brakes rear rotors, which will give you stability. The DB flat bar handlebar, 640 mm long, 31.8 mm bar bore. The bike seat is very necessary, so we got a comfortable gravel road for women DB X- Durance, 27.2 mm alloy.

Gravel Bike Buyer’s Guide

Choosing a bike carefully involves knowing the price range, and then choosing the right size and the key components needed to suit your driving style.

Wheel Size

Gravel and adventure bikes have room for bigger tires, but how big varies from marque to mark. As a general rule, endurance road bikes raise to around 32 mm, but gravel and adventure road bikes increase the clearance to as much as 55 mm. This offers a wide variety of choices for choosing tires, including several rough touring and cyclocross tires, as well as road slicks, and you have plenty of choices to set up the bike to suit your riding requirements. You can also fit 29er mountain bike tires, in some cases.

The tire option depends on the riding you want to do and the terrain at your local riding place. There is nothing to stop you from installing light 25 mm or 28 mm tires if you want to get it on the road quickly. Or, if you want to include any gravel and dirt paths in your rides, you might use a 35 mm treaded tire.

In order to cope with the mix of terrains, adventure road bikes are normally fitted with wide, semi-slick tires, but depending on where you expect to spend most of your time, you may consider either opting for more lugs or a slicker profile.

Frames and bifurcations are usually generous in terms of clearance to match even the bulkiest tires, though mudguard fixtures are also common.

Frame Size

While the frame configuration may not be what you’re used to, particularly if you’re a pure MTB or road bike rider, it shouldn’t be a hassle finding the right frame size.

A detailed sizing chart will be given on each of the Chain Reaction Cycles product pages.

What you need is a few basic measurements and you can find the right frame size for you.

Frame Material

Typically the choice of frame material is down to personal preference, size, and the style of riding you want. A bike frame is important to its reliability and protection, so checking for structural damage, cracks, and other possible issues is important. Carbon always gets the most attention, but when buying a used cyclocross or gravel bike, all frame materials can fail and should be carefully inspected.


Aluminum is often the most affordable material for the frames. It will usually be heavier than carbon when comparing two similar bikes, but it is also less expensive and, in some ways, slightly more durable. This makes it a perfect choice to misuse their bikes for budget-minded riders and novice cross racers. While aluminum has a reputation for being extremely rigid, many newer aluminum bikes can offer almost as good a ride feel as some of their more expensive carbon counterparts do.


Carbon is the latest and best material in cycling and will be used in some way for most high-end bikes. It can be used to make lightweight, rigid, and flexible frames, and it can also be molded into different aerodynamic shapes. High-end road bikes are almost always carbon in all cycling disciplines. Carbon can also be designed to make key areas more compatible with added comfort. This usually comes at a price, since carbon frames are usually more expensive.


Steel is the traditional frame material, used since the beginning of the bicycle. For its supple ride quality and longevity, it is admired by many. A steel frame would potentially last for a lifetime if properly maintained. The rugged nature of steel makes it a common alternative for adventure riding and off-road long-distance touring. This is also slightly heavier than other materials, but many riders favor it simply because of the sound, reliability, and classic good look.

Mechanical Disc Brakes

At this bike, you’ll have mechanical disc brakes and hydraulic disc brakes. Mechanical disc brakes use cables to pull the brake calipers.

Like in a car, hydraulic disk brakes release the brake pedal to apply pressure.

They also allow you to control the braking force more easily because they are easy to modulate. This translates into less abrupt and more controlled braking. This, of course, would make braking systems more expensive.

At entry-level, you will be mostly finding only mechanical brakes. Manufacturers can incorporate hydraulic brakes into their design process.

While braking seems the opposite, it actually helps you go faster. When equipped with better braking systems, they will stop faster. If you have great performances on the climbs, then you will have more confidence to target on the descents.

Total Weight

Generally, in this price range, we should expect aluminum frame bikes, lower-end alloy wheel sets, and entry-level component package collections.

The bikes can have a range of between 10 and 12kg.

Features of Gravel Bikes

The goal is to build stability and comfort by the geometry of a gravel bike. A long wheelbase helps to maintain stability over long distances and loose surfaces. The headtube is considered long and positions the rider in a more upright position combined with a shorter top tube for enhanced comfort on touring trips and improved visibility when commuting. The frame is heavier than a road bike to increase reliability and make it resilient enough to accommodate any additional load from frame bags.

To boost comfort, grip, and stability, gravel bikes use large tires in excess of 30 mm, and sometimes up to 42 mm. The frame has to have considerable clearance in order to fit these tires.

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