Best Portable Monitors For Gaming (2021)

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Do you want to enhance your gaming experience? A portable gaming monitor of good quality can help make the game more enjoyable regardless of where you want to play.

A portable display can also be used to set up a dual monitor, display your home security system, and show your favorite contents during your trip.

Best Portable Monitors For Gaming

1. G-STORY 17.3 Inch

Best Portable Monitors For Gaming (2021)

For a number of reasons, G-Story 17.3″ is one of the best portable monitors for gaming.

It has a large Full HD 1080p display with very accurate color reproduction that makes your gaming experience enjoyable, no matter where you are playing.

It supports HDR, which further improves black and white colors and increases the contrast to make the gaming experience realistic and satisfying.

The monitor has a Type C port that can be connected via a single cable to a smartphone. A keyboard or mouse can also be connected via the USB port.

It contains two HDMI ports and two audio jacks of 3,5 mm for the simultaneous connection of several devices.

The monitor has a fast refresh rate of 120Hz, AMD FreeSync and 1ms response time, perfect for any game.

The display is 16:9 and has a wide-angle of view of up to 178 degrees so that the screen can still be clearly viewed and displayed wherever you wish. The G-Story is eye-safe. Its eye care system is unique and seamless, ideally perfect for FPS / FTS games

2. Lepow 15.6 Inch 

Best Portable Monitors For Gaming (2021)

The Lepow is a budget 15.6-inch portable external display designed for on-the-go use. The 2x USB Type-C ports are necessary for power and video, which means that the screen is compatible with most newer laptops and smartphones, which begin to rely on USB Type-C almost entirely.

Lepow USB C Monitor provides 1920 x 1080 visual resolution with an amazing reproduction of colors. When extending your screen or playing games, the IPS screen provides you with a vivid image and an awesome viewing experience.

Lepow monitor is compatible with PCs, PS3/4, XBOX ONE, Wii, Nintendo consoles, etc. With the Type c or Mini HDMI port, you can easily connect your devices to play games, photos, TV series, and photographs.

The smart cover is made of a durable PU leather exterior, a soft lining to keep your monitor safe. It can fold into different positions to create a reading, typing or watching stand. And the screen protector makes it completely scratch-proof.

It has two built-in speakers, which helps effectively display multimedia files, especially when listening to music, watching movies or playing games. HDR mode supports excellent mainstream transmission, so you can enjoy a great game and other entertainment video transmission.

3. Newsoul 15.6 Inch

Best Portable Monitors For Gaming (2021)

NEWSOUL HDR portable monitor provides a vivid image and a truly immersive viewing experience with amazing 1920x 1080 visual resolution & amazing reproduction of colors.

The portable 15.6 inch Full HD IPS screen features 178 ° Full viewing angle and Eye Care technology to keep your eyes from getting tired during prolonged use.

Its portable display features an innovative hybrid signal solution with integrated Type-C 3-in-1 function for simultaneous power, signal transmission and USB interface functions.

The Newsoul monitor is compatible with the full functionality output of Type C phones or laptops. To achieve screen mirroring on the phone and the monitor, only one Type C cable is required. You can extend or play your phone screen.

Built-in Dual Stereo Speaker delivers 360-degree sound with deep and precise bass and Blue light filter minimizes eye fatigue.

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Type-c, HDMI, and USB port portable screen makes connections to Laptops, PCs, Phones, PS3/PS4, XBOX ONE, or Nintendo Switch, Mouse, Keyboard, ideal for gaming, business trips, traveling or home entertainment.

Smart Cover is made of durable outer PU leather, soft lining to maintain your monitor’s safety. Extra Free Screen Protector provides full scratch protection for your monitor.

Newsoul monitor provides both horizontal and vertical usage, allowing you to adjust the display in portrait or landscape mode easily, by single pen standing, to increase productivity. With portrait mode, the display improves the vertical visibility greatly, making the device suitable for browsing websites, studying and other online activities.

4. UPERFECT 15.6 Inch

Best Portable Monitors For Gaming (2021)

UPERFECT monitor has HDMI, C type USB, Mini DP, Micro-USB ports for multi-signal interfaces. PDPort can handle higher power and allows fast charging with a USB C connection. On the opposite side of the USB port is the keyboard, and mouse connected to the other side of the USB OTG.

The UPERFECTReal 4K monitor provides ultimate image detail and clarity for amazing vivid images that offer an immersive or productive experience for the customer.

UPERFECT 4 K gaming monitor offers an excellent gaming experience with a high-resolution UltraHD 3840×2160 that ensures accurate color and photo reproduction at all angles with IPS technology. Extensive vertical and horizontal viewing angles of 178 ° guarantee a great view.

Game Mode optimizes the screen contrast so that during gameplay you have a competitive edge. By selectively enhancing scene contrast, Game Mode shows more information in dark areas, allowing you to identify your enemies more quickly.

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Whether you study, view videos or keep friends up, you need to have a monitor that will keep your eyes relaxed. Extended blue light exposure causes eye damage.

The technology of low blue light filters harmful blue light to protect the eyes of all ages. Flickerless eliminates traditional LCD flickering to prevent damaged eyes and vision.

The 4k 60hz UPERFECT monitor offers an excellent HDR experience, clearer and vibrant colors, deeper and more accurate contrast. AMD FreeSync synchronizes the refresh rate of your display in order to reduce picture tear and stutter.

This 4K simulation interface allows the visual experience a more accurate, immersive image replication. And with a very little fluid trail behind fast-moving objects, the 3MS response period delivers clear motion and seamlessly smooth play experience.

5. EVICIV 15.6 Inch

Best Portable Monitors For Gaming (2021)

This portable monitor has a USB Type C cable that lets you watch videos or play games while charging a power & data transmission cable. It helps you enjoy your favorite large-screen games and increases productivity. It can be extremely convenient.

Eviciv portable gaming monitor provides outstanding performance in gaming at a 60 Hz refreshing rate, built-in FreeSync, and HDR feature. The response time is incredibly fast, providing clear motion, with very little bubble trail behind fast-moving objects.

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2W dual built-in speakers offering you crisp and loud audio. The speakers are loud enough to watch movies or play games without headphones.

It comes with a durable and intelligent PU leather cover and is fully protected with a screen protector. The circular hole’s unique design allows you to use a pen as a stand, making it easier to carry around the display and you can travel only with the screen and pen.

Eviciv USB C Monitor has a PD  (USB-C Power delivery) port that can be loaded from the power bank to higher power and enables various devices to load via the USB C connection quickly. The standard power has increased to up to 100W. If your phone is plugged into the monitor, your phone will be charged.


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