Best Smartphone Gadgets You Should Buy in 2021

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Smartphones are essential in our lives. Some people say that cell phones change our lives and have a negative impact on us. However, there are hundreds of things that our smartphones do to make our lives easier.

We use them as alarm clocks, for playing games, for communication, for payments and more. Here you will find a list of the 11 Best and Useful Smartphone Gadgets to buy in 2021.

Best Smartphone Gadgets To Buy

1. Anker PowerCore 20100mAh

Best Smartphone Gadgets You Should Buy in 2021

One of the main reasons power banks still exist is that many people are using their smartphones. We’re most likely using our smartphone almost the whole day from the moment we wake up, but a dead battery can be an inevitable ending since we need them a lot. And not being able to use your phone in the middle of the day can be horrifying when you need it the most! You’ll need a power source to charge your smartphone in those times.

Considering its capacity, the Anker PowerCore 20100 is very portable. A fully charged Anker PowerCore 20100 can charge an iPhone X about seven times before it has to charge again itself with its 20,100mAh battery inside.

The edges are rounded, so it is easy to carry, and you will be impressed by how small it is, just over 350 grams, despite how much battery is hidden inside it.

Has a large battery capacity Take a long time to recharge (10 hours)
Has dual USB-A ports along with USB-C input and output
Design is slim and sleek

2. JBL Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Best Smartphone Gadgets You Should Buy in 2021

You need a portable speaker if you’re a music lover and you like to keep all your music on your mobile device, but earphones aren’t enough!

The JBL Flip 4 has volume controls, a Bluetooth-pairing button, and a play button, which, if you click it twice quickly, will also progress to the next track. On the back you can find the power button, an indicator for the battery life and a button to connect to other JBL speakers. There’s a micro USB port under a flap for charging the battery and a 3.5 mm jack for an input jack.

It can be submerged in water for up to a meter, making it ideal for swimming pool, hiking or the beach.

JBL estimates the battery life of the Flip 4 to be around 12 hours, but your results can vary with your volume level and wired and wireless playback combination.

Solid audio performanceAudio cable not included
Can be submerged in shallow water

3. OontZ Angle 3 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Best Smartphone Gadgets You Should Buy in 2021

This portable Bluetooth speaker is designed to provide you a powerful sound wherever you go. With a weight of just 15 ounces and 6.5x 2.75x 2.75 inches dimensions and a unique triangular design, the Angle 3 makes it easy to get your tunes on all your adventures. It is also splashproof and rainproof, with a water resistance level of IPX6.

Two custom neodymium stereo drivers and a passive bass radiator are designed to deliver a complete, rich sound powered by a total power of 14 Watts. And speaking of power battery life of up to 20 hours per charge will keep your music playing all day long.

The speaker has a power-saving feature in the firmware. To save the battery, after 15 minutes of no audio it stops playing automatically. When it is plugged in it will stay on until the user switches it off.

Super LightweightStanding Speaker Vertically Affects the Sound Quality
12 Hour Battery
Triangle Design Project Sound Upward

4. Xenvo Pro Lens Kit

Best Smartphone Gadgets You Should Buy in 2021

To fulfill your dreams of taking amazing photos you do not need a camera. Now you can also use your phone to take professional photos.

The lenses included in this package are very flexible. They work with the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Note, and other smartphones as well. It supports single and dual phone cameras. It is pretty easy to mount and unmount. With the help of instructions, you can use these lenses to capture the perfect travel picture without delay.

The kit is made of 2 lenses. These include the wide lens of 0.45x and the macro lens of 15x These both come with the box. 

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The 0.45x lens allows 45% more image capture. It is especially suitable to capture landscapes, buildings etc. The 15x lens is able to magnify nearby objects at the same time. If you are looking for close-up photos, this is the perfect lens that you can use. This lens can get excellent close-up shots with the aid of razor-sharp focus and precision.

Good image qualityOnly two lenses
Useful bundled accessories
Clip-on LED light
Solid build

5. Selfie Stick and Tripod 2-in-1

Best Smartphone Gadgets You Should Buy in 2021

The selfie stick tripod can be stretched from 7.9 to 27 inches, making it ideal for Photography, Facetime and more. It has a compact design and you can take your selfie stick everywhere you go.

It has a comfortable handle and metal material, not only light but also resistant and strong. Package included: 1x tripod selfie stick, 1x remote wireless, 1x user’s manual.

This 2-in-1 selfie stick tripod with built-in wireless remote (max:33 ft) enables you to take selfie photography or separate the remote control to take group photographs such as parties, graduation, wedding, travel. You can use it either as a regular selfie stick or as a quick, easy tripod.

6. Universal Cell Phone Lanyard

Best Smartphone Gadgets You Should Buy in 2021

It’s hard to keep your phone in your hand all the time and it’s more difficult to find it in your bag when you need it. This cell phone lanyard is one of the best telephone accessories for you to get quick access to your phone.

Universal Lanyard Strap Smartphone keeps your phone secure and always available. The perfect solution for sports fans, concert-goers, teachers, students, tourists, seniors, travelers or anyone who needs quick cell phone access.

17-inch Silicone neck strap is comfortable to wear while the extra strong, Lightweight silicone phone holder offers a safe carrying solution to avoid drops. 

Nearly all smartphones are compatible with the Smartphone Lanyards, with or without a case, up to 6.75 inches tall and 3.75 inches broad.

7. Mpow Waterproof Case

Best Smartphone Gadgets You Should Buy in 2021

Mpow IPX8 Waterproof Smartphone case protects your phone from water to 100 ft snow and dust. It’s ideal for swimming and other sports

The waterproof case can be used to protect and secure your mobile phone while doing activities on water or outside. Super strong sealing and wear resistance.

Easy-touch-sensitive access to your phone’s touchscreen and you can still take pictures, video, make phone calls, send e-mails or use social apps.

Mpow Waterproof Case protects not only your mobile smartphone, but also protects your other personal items as wallets.

The MPOW dry bag is perfectly suitable for all smartphones up to 6.8″ and is perfectly suited to iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone X, XR, iPhone 8Plus, iPhone 7, 6s, 6 Plus, and Samsung Galaxy S10+, S10, S9 +, S7 Edge, S7, S6 Edge; Galaxy Note 10., 9, 8, 7, 5.

8. Nimbus SteelSeries Bluetooth Mobile Gaming Controller

Best Smartphone Gadgets You Should Buy in 2021

If you use your smartphone for gaming than you need a controller.

The Nimbus SteelSeries is similar to a Sony DualShock Console Gamepad. Unlike many other MFi controllers, it feels like a decent modern console gamepad.

Set-up is simple. Bluetooth pairing usually takes just seconds. SteelSeries can be used with different iOS / tvOS devices and even with Macs.

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The unit feels good and solid. It is comfortable, and the matte surface is cool.

The charge port is at the back, so you can enjoy the Nimbus for a couple of hours while charging. If the device is not connected to the charger the playtime is up to 40 hours, although you should turn off the controller when it is not in use.

Comfortable to holdNo charging cable in the box
Works with any iOS or tvOS deviceLack of interesting features
40-hour battery life
Buttons have a nice click

9. SanDisk Ultra 128GB microSD

Best Smartphone Gadgets You Should Buy in 2021

It never hurt to have some extra storage (especially when you’re in movement) and with SanDisk Ultra 128GB microSD card you can replace those heavy flash drives now. With 160 MB per second read and 60 MB per second write speed, the MicroSD Card SanDisk Ultra provides plenty of room and capacity for the cost.

It is shock-resistant, temperature-resistant, waterproof and radiosensitive. Ideal for smartphones and tablets.

10. Anker 30W Car Charger

Best Smartphone Gadgets You Should Buy in 2021

The PowerDrive Speed 2 USB charger connects directly into the 12V outlet of your vehicle, featuring two fast USB ports that pump out 30 watts of combined power. The advanced safety system MultiProtect guarantees absolute security for your device

The IQ2 Anker technology can automatically identify and maximize the power output of compatible devices, allowing several phones to power up to 80 percent in about 35 minutes.

11. Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Tracker

Best Smartphone Gadgets You Should Buy in 2021

The Fitbit Charge 3 offers a variety of workout modes, along with tracking the sleep and heart rhythm in a lighter build than the Fitbit Charge 2. It is also a bigger screen and waterproof.

Without having to scroll, you can read whole messages and notes and view multiple apps on the screen at the same time.

Long battery lifeProprietary charger
Crisp screenNo onboard GPS
Safe for swimming

12. Adonit Snap 2 Bluetooth Selfie Touch Pen

Best Smartphone Gadgets You Should Buy in 2021

Snap 2 combines the detailed configuration of an elegant stylus with a remote Bluetooth camera shutter to create for iPhone users the ultimate creative tool. Draw, and write precisely on your phone Increase your Snapchat and Instagram storytelling.

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The remote shutter makes controlling the iPhone camera simpler than ever before. Immediately take a click snap or catch the perfect time in Triple Burst mode with three continuous shots. Hold your phone safely in front of yourself. Place your phone on a slide to take group photos at a distance or lean them against a wall. You don’t have to set a timer, just snap the button to aim off.

Snap it in place securely with the built-in magnet which provides the self-stick magnetic strip mounted on your phone for easy access while you are on the go.

13. WonderCube

Best Smartphone Gadgets You Should Buy in 2021

As the name implies, WonderCube Pro is certainly a wonder. The company integrated all the smartphone requirements in one 1cc cube! It has an emergency charger memory, smartphone stand, cable and torch. It’s a key chain you have made so it’s easy to carry. Originally for Apple phones, it fits for Android too. This little gadget is probably the best accessory for your all-in – one smartphone.


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