12 Fun Things to Do at Home 2021

Staying at home is the new going out, whether we want it or not, it’s the best thing for our safety. But social distance will be painfully boring in the face of the coronavirus crisis. There are lots of suggestions for having a good time at home. We’ve been digging high and low to get you the best suggestions on what to do in your home while you are bored, from doing a puzzle to cooking something new.

1) Cook something new

Browse the web to find some new recipes for your family and others. Take a decision and begin cooking together. Seek to pick a recipe that uses seasonal products to reduce the prices.

Check these websites to find free recipes or you can search on the web to find the one that you like:

You can also check videos on youtube to learn better how to cook the recipe that you will choose.

2) Read books

12 Fun Things to Do at Home 2021

If you have time off or just have more time in your hands, there is no better reason to read more books. You can view the List of Best-Selling books of all time in Wikipedia.

You can also find a lot of free books to read from you mobile device or your laptop.

Here are some websites to read free books:

You can buy books online at Amazon or Wordery.

3) Watch movies

Nowadays, there are plenty of movies available to watch, and some of them are great. You can find amazing movies by visiting IMDB and going to Top Rated Movies. Most of them are before the 2000s but they are all great to watch. You can find most of them on Netflix, Google Play or Amazon Prime. And if you search a little more about the movie you want to watch you can find it on other sites for free.

If you want to find most popular movies by years you can check Wikipedia

Here you can find a list with Academy Award Winning Films.

4) Put together a puzzle

12 Fun Things to Do at Home 2021

The puzzle is a relaxing way to spend time at home and a perfect way to interact and exercise teamwork with your family members. This will take hours to find the correct pieces to add to the puzzle. The best moment is once you see the final product This is not an activity of one hour, so set the puzzle aside so as to be uninterrupted. If you don’t focus on it, you will find mattresses that fold up the puzzle. If you have a table that is not in service every day, you should leave it there and readily available.

5) Listen to a podcast

Put on one of the hundreds of entertaining and informative podcasts during your exercise, cooking or cleaning home. You can find plenty of top podcasts to pick and keep you occupied for hours, whether you prefer true crime, news, interviews, comedy or some other kind of stuff.

You can find Top 50 Podcasts on Time, and after you can listen to them on Spotify, Deezer, Apple podcasts or you can listen to them on a web browser. You can also download other apps from the Play Store or App Store just by searching “Podcasts“.

6) Do home workouts

If you are staying at home, and you want to keep your body in shape, the best thing to do its some home workouts. The way to do it its by downloading an app on your mobile phone. You can just search “Home Workouts” in the Play Store or App Store and you will find plenty of apps available.

7) Have a karaoke night

12 Fun Things to Do at Home 2021

Schedule a karaoke night. This is a great way to spend time with your family. PlayStation and Wii have a variety of options. It’s a lot of fun and happiness from the experience! All people want to sing, even though they don’t have the talent to sing. You can also find a lot of songs karaoke for free on youtube.

8) Improve your posture

We know that the time we spend sitting down in our daily lives does not benefit the body and does not support our work from home in this time of isolation. The absolute opposite to that which has developed the human body is being kept in one place for several hours a day, which makes our joints and our muscles dissatisfied.

You can watch videos on Youtube by searching “Posture Improvment” or watch the video below.

9) Watch Family Movies

When all your family members are at home, one thing that you should do is to watch old videos of family celebrations, vacations, birthdays or other things that have been filmed.

All members of the family wil have a chance to bring back old memories and to joke about old clothes and hairstyles.

10) Write a letter

Do you remember letters? A letter is a timeless message that shows you took the time to write down your thoughts and emotions. Grab a pen, some papers, and write and send a letter to someone, or just something about you, and if you keep it you can see after some years if your opinion for yourself has changed or not.

11) Look through old photos

Do you have old archive boxes or a digital folder collection of photos from past years? What a perfect way to travel down the memory lane and see pictures of your past life and adventures. Send some of photos to your family or friends to give the memory of old days.

12) Learn calligraphy

12 Fun Things to Do at Home 2021

It is fun to learn a new technique. Calligraphy is a popular style of special stylus writing. Art shops and department stores have kits designed to help you learn. Write your own poems or quotes. You never know, you could develop a talent and frame your work.

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