How to Choose the Best TV

Buying a new TV can be exciting and confusing too. While big, colorful screens and complex designs are attractive, you can miss the heavy data sheets. TV jargons such as 4K, HDR, OLED, and QLED will also confuse peoples, making it impossible for you to know which TV is better and provides better features.


Over the last three 3-5 years, television pricing has fallen dramatically, and at this moment, less than one grand will buy you a stunning, high-end 42-inch, 4K Smart TV with just about every whistle and bell. Spend more and bring home the same thing at 65 or 75 inches. You can also spend more money on deeper blacks, more contrast, and a larger and richer variety of colors.


Two key elements of LED televisions are an LCD panel and a backlight. The LCD panel contains the pixels, the colorful points which make up the image of a TV. Yet, these pixels are not visible on their own. They require a backlight. You can see the color as the light from the rear light reflects from an LCD pixel.

The LED in the LED TV only applies to the method of producing the backlight. In the past, CCFL (cold-cathode fluorescent light) has been used as a thicker and more inefficient system. However, nearly every flat-screen TV is now using LEDs as the backlighting source. There’s also simply an LED-backlit TV when you see the word “LED TV.”

The “OLED” on OLED TV stands for “organic light-emitting diode.” OLEDs’ unique feature is that they can generate both color and light in one diode while energy is being fed. OLED TVs require no separate backlight because of this. Each pixel you see is a color and light source.

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OLED is the best picture technology until now, but it’s more expensive., but still a good 4K LED TV still has a good viewing experience. Although OLED TVs are more expensive, their prices are coming down.


4K is four times better than the old HD standards, literally. And while 4K content is not yet available, content providers of all kinds are ready to release almost anything in 4K. 4K TV is a better option than an HD TV.


These days, smart TVs are pretty common, and that’s a positive thing. With the support of native apps, Smart TVs allow you to cut cords and get rid of your cable or satellite services. You will have apps like Netflix, Prime, Hulu, YouTube, and Amazon Prime Video on your TV.


Your new TV is equipped with the full manufacturer’s warranty when you buy from an authorized dealer. And most TV providers (in particular LG, Sony, and Samsung) have nationwide authorized service centers, where they come to your home if there is a problem.

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